Headliners: Ann Moura, Andras Corban-Arthen, Nybor and Elspeth, Kirk White,
Holly Allender Kraig, David Salisbury, Grey Ghosthawk, and Sonja Sadovsky
Musical Ent.: Mama Gina, Ginger Doss, Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe

Back to our Roots

Samhain 2014 – Calling of the Clans

November 5 – 9, Retreats by the Lake

2819 Tiger Lake Rd., Lake Wales, FL. 33898

Welcome to the Forest! Set up camp, commune with nature, relax, visit the vendors, attend workshops, and evening events.


Ann Moura, Andras Corban-Arthen, Nybor and Elspeth, Kirk White, Holly Allender Kraig, David Salisbury, Grey Ghosthawk, and Sonja Sadovsky

Musical Headliners

Mama Gina, Ginger Doss, Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe

News Release

December 2012- Coming in at number 5 FPG is listed as one of the top 10 Fire Festivals in the world by Huffington Post and Rueters.

(Reuters) - As clocks turn back, days get shorter, temperatures in the Northern Hemisphere plummet and 2012 draws to a close, there's no better time to strike a match and light those dark skies up with color. That's why online travel consultants Cheapflights.com (wwww.cheapflights.com) have come up with a list of Top 10 fire festivals around the world.

5. Samhain 2012 - Out of the Darkness - Altoona, Florida, USA

More than 500 pagans gather in Florida for the state's largest pagan festival. Running from October 31 to November 4 at Camp Ocala, each day is filled with feasting, rituals, drumming, dancing and live entertainment.

The main ritual in 2012 is centered around the "Burning Times" ….

Featured Events
  • Workshops and Healing Circles hosted by our Headliners and local Pagan teachers
  • Opening Ritual at the Fire Circle Wednesday night AT 8 PM
  • Wednesday Night - Meet and Greet at 8 PM
  • Thursday night Concert Ginger Doss at 8 PM
  • Thursday consecration of Ancestor Glen- bring your stories and Memory Markers for your ancestors
  • Friday Evening - The Calling of the Clans Parade and Trick or Treat
  • Friday Night Concert Mamma Gina and Ginger Doss
  • Saturday afternoon concert Mamma Gina
  • Inipi Sweatlodge hosted by Grey Ghosthawk
  • Shop for Pagan crafts, wares, gifts and books on Vendor's Row
  • Children’s, Men, and Women's group events, Rites and workshops
  • Teens, Tweens, Kid's Realm with workshops, crafts
  • Celtic Games, Croquet, Kids trick or treat, Friday Gathering of the Ancestor Parade
  • Saturday night Main Ritual: Gathering of the Clans- by Coven o the Quill, Sword and Chalice- bring you Coven or group banner
  • Swimming in the camps awesome pool hours will be posted on site
  • Nightly Drum Circle and Dancing at our Fire Circle
  • Nightly body painting tent- bring your own paint over 18 only
  • Closing Ritual at the Fire Circle Sunday 11:00 AM
  • Map of the grounds
  • FPG Remembrance Project

Adult Full Event Admission

For Samhain

$95 until August 31st

$105 September 1st until 30th

$115 October 1until October 23rd

Please register on-site after October 23rd

For Beltaine

$95 until February 28th

$105 March 1st until 31st

$115 April until April 23rd

Please register on-site after April 23rd

Full Event - Child 5-17 $30

Children Under 5 - Free!

Cabin Bunks - $45 for whole event

Lodge Bunks- $60 for whole event

Day Passes are available for sale on-site for 60.

Weekend Only Admission $95. Valid starting 9am on Friday. Tickets may be purchased online starting April 1 for Beltaine or Oct. 1st for Samhain and on-site at Registration.

Registration is now OPEN! Click here for more info or email Medea at register@flapagan.org


General Infomation: Ann Marie - 727-479-7213

Registration Questions: Medea - 727-482-5805

Email: Tegbod@flapagan.org

Snail Mail: FPG PO Box 1784, Pinellas Park FL 33781

Staffing Info

Scholarships - Click Here

Want to be a bigger part of making FPG happen? Staff positions of all varieties are always available! Please email Medea at staffing@flapagan.org for more information.

To apply for a staff position, please fill out the Online Application found here.

Some positions include:

  • Site
  • Gate
  • Registration
  • Bathrooms
  • Gunga Din
  • Meal Plan
  • Guest Hearth
  • Staff Office
  • Trolley/Taxi
  • DaVinci
  • Coffee Shop

Words from a Volunteer:

"I love FPG and what it stands for and admire all of you who work hard to make it run so smoothly and would love a chance to be part of that team"

Directions, Stores, Photos & Workshops

Workshops slots still available! Please sign up to present a workshop before September 15th for Samhain or March 15 Beltaine by emailing workshops@flapagan.org

Click here for Directions and Stores

Look at some really cool pictures from our last festival under "Photo Archive"

Main Ritual - Gathering of the Clans

Sound the horns and send out the call! The Florida Pagan Gathering is calling forth the Clans! This Samhain the Clans come together at the Florida Pagan Gathering. Please join the Coven of the Quill, Sword and Chalice, the Coven of the Liminal Path and many other friends within the community as we present “The Calling of the Clans.” Ten years ago we first presented this ritual as a way to celebrate the many groups, Covens and solitaries that together make up our community. Coming together in community gives us a chance to celebrate, enjoy friendships and fellowship, share our history and learn from one another. We invite all individuals, organizations, networking groups, covens, groves, circles and kindreds to participate in the ritual by wearing your colors and carrying your pennants and banners, choosing a representative to speak for your groups and add a torch to the ritual fire. Stand with us, and be welcome among us. The Clans assemble at Samhain!