Headliners: Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, Aaron Leitch, Dru Ann Welch,
Christiana Gaudet, Terry Power and Robin McKean - Spiritual Unity Radio Network,
Grey Ghosthawk - Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca Music: Spiral Rhythm, Faerie Elaine Silver

Sharing our Harvest - Celebrating 21 years of Florida Pagan Gathering

Samhain 2016
Sharing The Harvest

November 2 - 6, Retreats by the Lake

2819 Tiger Lake Rd., Lake Wales, FL. 33898

Welcome to the Forest! Set up camp, commune with nature, relax, visit the vendors, attend workshops, and evening events.


Raven and Stephanie Grimassi, Aaron Leitch, Dru Ann Welch, Christiana Gaudet,

Terry and Robin McKean - Spiritual Unity Radio Network

Also appearing: Grey Ghosthawk

Musical Headliners

Spiral Rhythm, Faerie Elaine Silver

Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends

A few words from our attendees

“I was once told “find your tribe, and love them fiercely." I have found my tribe.” Becky

“This was my second FPG, and I loved it! Connecting with those I know and being blessed making new friends and family. FPG holds special in the hearts and lives of so many.” Tee

“This festival was amazing and I know I personally want to continue being a part of it and our tribe.” Abby

“I had the time of my life .. Good people-feeling good energy.” Jackie

“So many good times in one short week, laughs galore, lots of amazing creative drumming” Utu

Featured Events
  • FPG Map
  • Community Center - Coffee, tea, games, post notices, a place to gather and meet friends old and new
  • Wednesday Night - Opening Ritual at the Fire Circle at 8 PM
  • Thursday - first ever FPG Olympics - get your team of five together, see below for description!
  • Thursday Night - Meet and Greet - Zombie hunters at 8 PM
  • Thursday Evening – Inipi Sweatlodge hosted by Grey Ghosthawk
  • Friday Evening – Zombie Parade
  • Friday Night Concert - Spiral Rythm
  • Saturday Afternoon Concert – Spiral Rythm
  • Saturday night Main Ritual: Sharing our Harvest by Grey Ghosthawk and Friends
  • Workshops and Healing Circles hosted by our Headliners and local Pagan teachers
  • Fire walk Presented by Room to Grow - See Below
  • Children’s, Men, and Women's group events, Rites and workshops
  • Teens, Tweens, Kid's Realm with workshops, crafts
  • Celtic Games on Friday and Saturday
  • Swimming in the camps awesome pool hours are 1PM-5PM
  • Shop for Pagan crafts, wares, gifts and books on Vendor's Row
  • Sunday 11:00 AM- Closing Ritual in the Blue Room
  • Map of the grounds
  • FPG Remembrance Project
Pagan Scholarship Pagans helping Pagans Scholarship - Click Here

Due to the generosity of our community and staff we have a scholarship fund for those guests who need help with their cost of admission to FPG. We currently have one scholarship available for one admission to FPG.

If you are in need of financial assistance for your admission please email the board at tegbod@flapagan.org and let us know that you need help.

Our scholarships are funded by donations from guests and staff members. Anyone who would like to donate to either fund may do so on the electronic registration form or you may mail in a check or money order to FPG 7139 62nd St N, Pinellas Park FL 33781.


Registration is now OPEN! Click here for more info or email Bobbi Jo at register@flapagan.org

For Samhain November 2-6, 2016

Adult $95 - until July 31st

Adult $105 - August 1st

Adult $115 - September 1st

Adult $125 – From October 1st until October 28th

Children 5-17 $30, Under 5 – Free

Please register on-site after October 28th

Full Event Adult $135 - Children 5-17 $40- Under 5 – Free

Tent camping is included in all registrations except for Day passes

Cabin Bunk - $45 per person for the event
Lodge Bunk- $60 per person for the event

Weekend Pass on sale October 1st

Adult $95 - Children 5-17 $30

Valid starting 9am on Friday thru closing

Day Pass available on site

Day pass valid starting 9am to Midnight on the day of entry

Adult $45- Children 5-17 $40- Under 5 – Free

After you register please email special requests such as a bottom bunk is needed or you wish to be in a specific cabin or lodge; we are a family event and as such infants and children may be in your cabin so if you wish an adult only cabin, please email register@flapagan.org . There is no guarantee that your request can be granted, all requests are first received first granted.


General Infomation: Ann Marie - 727-479-7213

Email: Tegbod@flapagan.org

Snail Mail: FPG 7139 62nd St N, Pinellas Park FL 33781

Staffing Info

Want to be a bigger part of making FPG happen? Staff positions of all varieties are always available! Please email Medea at staffing@flapagan.org for more information.

To apply for a staff position, please fill out the Online Application found here.

Staff Scholarships - Seva and Robert Baiardi Memorial Scholarships - Click Here

If you are in need of financial assistance for your staff admission please email the board at tegbod@flapagan.org and let us know that you need help. Only two scholarships are available at this time.

Some positions include:

  • Site
  • Fire
  • Gunga Dins
  • Gate
  • Parking
  • Registration
  • Emerald City Hearth and Headliner Services
  • Staff Office
  • Trolley
  • Drum Staff

Words from a Volunteer:
"I love FPG and what it stands for and admire all of you who work hard to make it run so smoothly and would love a chance to be part of that team"

FPG Olympics

Attention all festival goers!!!!

We will be holding the first EVER FPG Olympics at Samhain 2016!

Sign up your team of 5 fellow campers under the Olympic Rings colors and compete to BRING HOME THE GOLD!!

Sign ups will be with Aurora at Lodge 7 where you'll pick up your colored arm bands and Scavenger Hunt list.. Teams will then meet up at the "Olympic arena" (volley ball court) on Thursday morning at 10am to witness the Running of the Torch from fire circle to the arena. Our own Jessica Schattilly and Dave Spencer will emcee the events!


Medal Ceremony to be held immediately following! Gold, Silver, and Bronze... Who will take home the championship trophy?? Only the Gods know but you can be a witness to GREATNESS!! (and a whole lot of FUN!

Directions, Stores, Photos & Workshops

Workshops slots still available! Please sign up to present a workshop before September 10th for Samhain or March 10 for Beltaine by emailing workshops@flapagan.org

Click here for Directions and Stores

Look at some really cool pictures from our last festival under "Photo Archive"

Fire walk Presented by Room to Grow

Join us for a true cleansing of body, mind, and spirit on a night filled with mystical energy and spiritual growth. This will be an unforgettable workshop filled with positive memoirs of self-discovery! We will be exploring ways to discover the hidden potential that remains dormant, or untapped within all of us. Learn how to release fears, inhibitions, limitations, and obstacles that prevent you from realizing, or accomplishing a dream. Reconnect with a higher sense of self, spirit, and the universe to unfold a happier, healthier, and free existence! There will be energy building exercises and group meditation to create sacred space before walking the fire. Board breaking and walking on broken glass are two of the activities that take place during this event. Board breaking is symbolic of following through and overcoming limitations. Awaken the shaman within by working with group energy and bringing the focus to a heart centered consciousness! Aligning with the heart center allows for one to access the shaman within or higher self. We focus on merging the subconscious and conscious mind to work together in harmony instead of opposition. Learning to trust the self and instincts will open up a path to a balanced harmonious way of life.

**The cost of the Fire Walk event is $15 in addition to the cost of admission to FPG**

Main Ritual

Come join us as we learn of the legend the Aztec god and dance with the feathered serpent Quetzalcoatl to celebrate our bountiful harvest. Give up all that no longer serves your highest good, with an offering to the fire, and bring forth your sacrificial offering to the Pyramid to show your thanks and praise to the higher powers.

We are asking that everyone bring a non-perishable food item as an offering to donate to the less fortunate.