Headliners: Ivo Dominguez Jr., Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, Witchdoctor Utu,
Heather Freysdottir - Also appearing: Grey Ghosthawk
Music: Mama Gina

Ann Marie Augustino

Ann Marie Augustino is High Priestess of Synergy Circle, a Crone and retired RN, who has studied hypnotherapy, hands on healing and she is a Reiki Master. She has been actively involved in Paganism and Wicca for over 25 years and has taught at Festivals and local metaphysical stores on subjects such as, prosperity, tarot, candle magick, stone magick, healing, dream work, past life work, guided meditations, Reiki and Wicca. Ann Marie is an active member of the local Tampa Bay Pagan Community. She is also the President of TEG, the board of directors for Florida Pagan Gathering and a founding mother of Order of the Pearl. She has produced meditation and past life regression cd’s and her current project is a workbook called Crafting the Dream, it details how to program your dream work.