Headliners: Dru Ann Welch, Ed Massey
Drumming: Remi and Friends

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring a bicycle? Yes, as a matter of fact, most of the park is designated pedestrian traffic only and a bike makes good sense for quicker personal transportation.

Is electricity available? Sorry, campsites and vendor spaces are primitive only. If you have a medical need such as Cpap, or power chair you must bring a generator.

Can I bring a pet? Sorry, the ranch does not allow pets of any kind.

Can I prepare my own food? Yes, at your campsite using full safety precautions, of course. Also, please put your food away in coolers or storage containers with some serious closing mechanism – raccoons really like people food and can smell them from outside your tent walls. You wouldn't want to wake up to find one of them tearing through your tent walls for the bag of Cheetos or a bunch of banana's stored in the tent

No vehicles are allowed at your campsite. You must move your vehicle to the parking area after you unload your gear. We recommend you bring a wagon to transport drums and chars and little ones to fire circle at night. If you have severe mobility issues and a personal power chair we recommend you bring that to assist you with mobility.

Where can I get ice and firewood? Ice is available on site by the shower house, as is firewood and fire rings if you do not have one. All fires must be contained within a fire ring or a fire bowl per Ranch rules.

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