Headliners: Patti Wigington, Carrie Leitch, Aaron Leitch, Grey Ghosthawk
Drum Circle: Kelso, Becca and Friends

Gwyn & Moon Dragon

A balance of heart & rhythm come together in the raw sounds of Voice & Djembe, calling to & honouring the Spirits of the Universe and Mother Earth.

Gwyn: This is our first work together in spiritual music and look forward to many more. FPG Beltainn 2010 was my first Pagan festival and we are happy to be a part of its energy.

Moon Dragon: I have been playing the Djembe since 2007 and have enjoyed singing since childhood, I am looking forward to performing with Lady Gwyn at FPG Samhain 2012. FPG Samhain 2007 was my very first Pagan festival.

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