Headliners: Dru Ann Welch, Ed Massey
Drumming: Remi and Friends

Life Events

Welcome to Life-Event Rituals at FPG!

FPG wants to make it possible for our guests to have and participate in Life Event Rituals onsite at FPG Festivals. Life-Event rituals include, but are not limited to: Handfasting, Weddings, Wiccaning Rites, Initiation, Coming of Age Rituals, Elevations, Requiems, Croning Rites, Saging Rites, Coven Birthing, etc. It is customary for you to provide your own Priest or Priestess for your ritual or ceremony. We ask that you send your request in by December 1 for Beltane or June 1st for Samhain at tegbod@flapagan.org.

  • TEG Registrations - Ann Marie Augustino 7139 62nd Street North Pinellas Park, FL 33781