Headliners: Byron Ballard, Martha Kirby Capo, Dru Ann Welch, Grey Ghosthawk
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Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor

In 1998 authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor came together as a teaching team.
Their mission is to preserve and present the inner teachings of pre-Christian European beliefs and practices as foundational elements of Old World Witchcraft.

Raven and Stephanie founded the College of the Crossroads in 2002, as a mystery tradition school of witchcraft. Later in 2009, the organization was restructured to form the Fellowship of the Pentacle.

In 2006. Raven and Stephanie established a system of witchcraft known as the Ash, Birch and Willow tradition (ABW). Its purpose is to provide individuals with training and teachings that were once available only within the secret society of witches. The ABW tradition blends the Old Ways with modern needs, and is therefore ever ancient and ever new.

As teachers, Raven and Stephanie together bring more than four decades of personal training and experience in the beliefs and practices of witchcraft. What they share goes beyond things drawn from published materials and personally learned from various teachers. Raven and Stephanie offer deeper levels of knowledge and experience that can only come from directly penetrating the inner mysteries through the great Quest itself.

Among the inner mystery teachings, Raven and Stephanie teach the concept of the “organic memory” of the earth. This concept is known as “Shadow” and contains the absorbed memory of all living things that died on the earth. Included in the teachings are the gateways to the Realm of Faery and the bridge ways to the Otherworld and Underworld. Magical and ritual arts are also taught.

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