Headliners: Ivo Dominguez Jr., Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone, Witchdoctor Utu,
Heather Freysdottir - Also appearing: Grey Ghosthawk
Music: Mama Gina

Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Protective Magick: Wards, Shields, Etc.

Blue Room Friday 11 am

Although devotion to your faith and positive energy and positive outlook are great starting points, they are not always enough to ensure safety. This workshops teaches ways to detect and to guard against spells, workings, beings or atmospheres and energies that are unwholesome. I will also give a quick overview of intentional and unintentional negative workings as well as things such as crossed conditions. I will share a few easy diagnostic measures and simple remedies for the most common problems. There will also be suggestions on what to do when simple measures are not enough.

Trancework: Altered States Of Consciousness

Sanctuary Thursday 11 am

This class use both theory and practice to teach about altered states of consciousness and trance induction techniques for individuals and groups. There will be an exploration of the uses of various states of being for rituals and workings. I will also cover grounding and a return to normal consciousness. Please come well rested and clear headed to this class.

Devotion And Dedication In Magick

Thunderdome Friday 3:30 pm

In this workshop we will explore how we express love, enthusiasm and diligence of practice when it comes to our magical work and our spiritual work. We will also discuss ways in which to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy approaches to devotion and dedication in our practices. There is a strong relationship between devotion and dedication and spiritual evolution. Hopefully will leave the workshop with ways to overcome inertia and self-deception so that you can tackle your spiritual pursuits wholeheartedly.

Managing Psychic Sensitivity & Empathy

Thunderdome Saturday 4:00 pm

Many Pagan, magickal, and spiritual people work to increase their psychic sensitivity. Some are born with the gift of empathy to varying degrees. There are many benefits to having increased sensitivity and empathy, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing. Becoming inundated and overwhelmed by other people's emotions and/or by highly charged atmospheres is can be problematic. This workshop will offer straightforward techniques to manage your sensitivity so that it remains a benefit rather than becoming a detriment. Moreover a technique will be shared to harness the excess energy so that it can be used, not just abated.

Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone

Witches, Vala's and Sybils: The History and practice of Trance-Prophesy in Witchcraft and Paganism

Sanctuary Saturday 1:30 pm

With the (forthcoming) release of their new book Lifting the Veil, Janet and Gavin discuss the history of Trance Prophesy in ancient and modern Witchcraft. During research for the book they went on a journey of discovery resulting in some interesting surprises regarding the origins of Drawing Down the Moon in modern Wicca. They cover from ancient Shamanism, through to the Sybils of Ancient Greece, the Vala of the Northern Europeans and of course through to the modern practise of Drawing Down the Moon. They also look at cross-overs with contemporary traditions such as Vodoun and Santeria, and the Spiritualist Revival of the 19th and early 20th Centuries.

‘The Box': An Exploration of Magical Ethics, Id and Shadow

Blue Room Friday 1:30 pm

A practical and demonstrative workshop was originally developed for Janet and Gavin's Italian Study group for teaching the nature of Id, Shadow and it's relationship with ethical magical practise. This is for people who want to seriously explore this in themselves and relies on the experience of the workshop to understand the psychology involved rather than talk. The co-operaton and honesty of all those attending is therefore essential. How far would you go to get what you wanted if there was no legal or karmic comeback? An open mind is required.

The Underworld Descent Technique – Connecting with Divinity in Drawing Down and Trance-Prophesy

Sanctuary Thursday 3:30 pm

This is a practical workshop demonstrating the use of this technique Janet and Gavin developed to teach Wiccan Drawing Down the Moon (DDM), as well as other trance-prophesy techniques. It can also be used for other purposes including as a tool for mediumship and connecting with personal deity. In this workshop Janet and Gavin will take the participants down to 'bridge' and 'the gates' to find their personal deity, Underworld Guide (Psychopomp) or deity. They also demonstrate how it can be combined with other techniques to make DDM more effective as a trance-prophesy technique.

Witchdoctor Utu

A Beltaine symbolic interactive ceremony celebrating the sabbats and rites of old

Fire Circle, Wednesday 9 pm

The Beltaine rites celebrated by European witches of days past were once rather carnal in their nature, figuratively enacting the fertility and virility needed and desired. The ceremony while fun for the whole family, will bring together the festival attendees into a cohesive group, a tribe blessed to celebrate the wonderful gathering that is about to unfold, while sympathetically enacting and honouring the essence of Beltaine at its most basic meaning; The magic between male and female, friend and family, god and goddess.

Crafting an Uncle Monday Doll

Arts and Crafts, Thursday 11 am

Uncle Monday doll making and blessing. Following up with last years ceremony celebrating Florida’s hoodoo and Black Seminole legacy of "Uncle Monday", the half man half alligator spirit and figure, this will be a crafting workshop to create and bless Uncle Monday dolls for you and your home protection and to honour the gator man spirit.

Men's Circle

Father Sky Lodge, Friday 1:30 pm

Utu began the Niagara Pagan Men’s Circle 20 years ago as of 2016, serving the two countries it borders on, It’s one of the longest running uninterrupted monthly pagan men’s circles on the continent, and is the entity the Dragon Ritual Drummers were formed out of and all members belong to. Many have tried to build them, over the decades; many more of them have died. There is rhyme, reason and benefit to a regular men’s group existing in a healthy pagan community. The working will begin with discussion, a sharing of information among the attendees. After a sharing and interactive discussion, a ritual will be facilitated akin to what has been a successful formula for two decades of mens circles, that includes info and formula gathered with outreach and mysteries shared from other existing mens groups on the continent.

Salem Witchcraft

Thunderdome, Saturday 11 am

The Salem witch community certainly makes some headlines once and a while, whether they be good, bad or irreverent. Utu and the Dragon Ritual Drummers are members of the Salem Witch and warlock community and have added legacies to the ever growing presence that is Salem Witchcraft for nearly a decade. Uniquely American, Salem witchcraft has a flare about it, from her tools, ritual garb, and the way it’s practiced. Whether by the traditions that have been there for decades or the influx of a formidable neo pagan transplant community, Salem witchcraft has her own identity and personality. Why is there witches in Salem in the first place, how did it all start, why and how does the community continue to grow, and what are the mysteries that lay powerfully hidden among the tourism and bombastic personalities? A discussion on how and why will be facilitated, tools and garb worn and a demonstration of a Salem witchcraft themed ritual will answer many of those questions while showing the unique practices of a uniquely American tradition

Heather Freysdottir

Loki for the Trickster-Curious

Thunderdome, Thursday 1:30 pm

Are you Trickster-curious? Trickster phobic? Trickster-friendly? Are you looking for a new direction in your life? Loki is the spark that can ignite passion and purpose in those who love Him. He is the Norse Gods’ man of mystery, a boundary-crosser, a shapeshifter, and a mischief-maker. Get to know Loki in this workshop, conducted by Heather Freysdottir, one of His modern-day worshipers.

Devotional Relationships: Dealing with Deities

Blue Room, Saturday 4 pm

One of the joys of being Pagan is that we have many gods and goddesses to choose from. But sometimes, one of Them calls to us on a deeper level. How do we begin to foster that connection? How do we set boundaries? How do we give and take in a relationship with the Divine? Heather Freysdottir discusses the nuts and bolts of devotional relationships.