Headliners: Raven Grimassi, Stephanie Taylor, and Ivo Dominguez Jr.
Also appearing: Roger Coleman, Grey Ghosthawk
Music: Dragon Ritual Drummers, Also: Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe

Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor-Grimassi

Protection Magick

Blue Room: Thursday, 1:30 - 3:30pm

To be safe and protected is a right we all share. Join authors Raven & Stephanie Grimassi for a workshop on the art of protective magick. Included in the workshop is information on how to protect people, places, and things. Also included is information on charging oils and their protective uses. Additionally, Raven and Stephanie will discuss magickal energy itself and responsible ways to use it. Each attendant will receive a charged object of protection to take with them.

The Goddess and God in Witchcraft & Wicca

Blue Room: Friday, 1:30pm - 3:30pm

The idea of a Triformis Goddess, an Earth Mother, and deities of the Moon and Sun are common ones. Join authors Raven and Stephanie Grimassi for a deeper exploration of the nature of the Goddess and the God, and learn about then as balanced polarities of the Divine. Topics include the Goddess as the “Whole” and the God as the “Part” within it. Also included is the little known “triformis” nature of the God and how this aligns with the Triple Goddess. Come and learn about the greater picture of the Celestial and Terrestrial emanations of the Divine Consciousness.

The Cord of Greenwood Magic & Working with Plant Spirits

Thunderdome: Saturday, 11am - 12:30pm

The lore about witches has long included tales of secret knowledge related to the plants of witchcraft. Join authors Raven Grimassi and Stephanie Taylor for a workshop on Plant Spirits as you journey to the Cavern of Old Magic. Learn what Plant Spirits are, how to connect with them, and how they aid in ritual and magical work. Included in this workshop is the construction and use of ‘The Cord of Greenwood Magic’ – a shamanic tool for tapping into the Greenwood Realm and the Organic Memory of the Earth. Each person will work with the art of knotting cords, a magical process for connecting to the Realm of Plant Spirits. Attendees of the workshop will be given a cord to work with and take home. Come and learn about the ways of witchcraft that are ever ancient and ever new!

Ivo Domíngue, Jr.

Divine embodiment: Assumption, Drawing Down, Aspecting, Possession

Thunderdome: Thursday, 11am - 12:30pm

Most magickal traditions use some form of divine embodiment in their rituals in which a priestess or a priest becomes for a time the vehicle for the presence of one of the Great Ones. When it works, it is awe-inspiring, and can act as a great catalyst for change. When it fails, and is no more than role playing or ritual theater, it can encourage cynicism, disillusionment, and diminished expectations of what is possible in ritual. The strengths and the weaknesses of assumption of god forms, drawing down, aspecting, and divine possession will be compared to each other.


The Many Meanings of Initiation

Thunderdome: Friday, 4pm - 6pm

Many people following an esoteric path eventually face the question of whether or not they wish to seek initiation. If the answer is yes, then the question becomes by whom, self, another, a group, the Divine, etc. ? The impact and the meaning of initiation is as varied as every individual, but what does it mean? What are the social, psychological, and spiritual ramifications of initiations? What are the responsibilities that come with the benefits of initiatory magick? This class will offer ideas and perspectives to help enrich the dialogue on the many meanings of initiation.

The Pillars of Belief and Disbelief

Thunderdome: Saturday, 4pm - 6pm

Belief is one of the great engines that drives the power of magick but we also know the danger of blind faith all too well. True believers of any system can never truly know nor understand its workings but without some belief there is no efficacy. The literal interpretation of symbols, rituals, and myths is fraught with danger but so is the reductive interpretation that robs us of spirit and essence. The goal of this class is to encourage an informed subjectivity, a controlled belief, that allows us to find balance between the Pillars of Belief and Disbelief.

Dragon Ritual Drummers

The Conjure of the Underground Railroad presented by Witchdoctor Utu

Thunderdome: Friday, 11am - 12:30pm

Much is known of the legacy of the clandestine movement known as the Underground Railroad, a series of struggles for freedom from bondage, most heading north to Canada. One of the most notable stops and end of the railroad was St. Catharines Ontario Canada, where Utu and the Niagara Voodoo Shrine is located. This was the route that was made famous by Harriet “Mama Moses” Tubman, and it was in St. Catharines that Mama Moses lived for many years, its where she planned her numerous sorties, preached and met John Brown when he sought her help and blessings for his ill fated raid on Harpers Ferry. Many of the freedom seekers were renown conjurers, root doctors and like Mama Moses herself, diviners. But the Underground Railroad also went south, into Florida, as did Harriet Tubman in her guise as healer during plague and disease during and shorty after the American Civil war. We will explore the roots of indigenous conjure found in Florida, its amalgamation of Afro Caribbean and Seminole mysticism, and the fight for freedom that permeated in Florida’s remote swamps, as well as its still tangible availability to modern day workers.

Honoring the Spirit and Medicine of “Uncle Monday presented by Witchdoctor Utu and the Dragon Ritual Drummers

Morrigan's Arena: Thurday, 7:30pm - 8:45pm

Uncle Monday was an African medicine man that was brought to the Americas as a captured slave. He escaped the Carolinian region and made it to the swamps of Florida where he as many escaped slaves did, took up with the regions Seminole Indians and fellow maroons. His medicine was that of the crocodile, and with the vast amount of alligators and alligator medicine housed by the Seminole, his magic was soon renown, as was his warrior prowess. He fought with the Seminole and fellow maroons against numerous invasions by the U.S. His legend is that in the futile resistance against the U.S. That he with the aid of the drums., rituals and Seminole magic, transformed himself into an alligator man/being, able to be summoned from the waters by ancestors and hoodoo workers alike. His presence has been invoked in Florida for decades with in the states remote outcrops of indigenous hoodoo and conjure. We will honour his legacy with drums, incantation and through the blessings of his reptile family, summon his presence to arrive on the shores to bless those who dance, honour him and his alligator kin.

Roger Coleman

Mindfulness, the Cure for Mindlessness

Thunderdome: Thursday, 4pm - 6pm

Mindfulness Meditation, once only practiced in some Eastern religious sects, is now making inroads into Western culture. Scientists have recently begun to see some very remarkable benefits from the practice. It is no longer simply a spiritual exercise used primarily by Buddhists, but a practice that can benefit Western Paganism as well. We humans have wonderful brains that can do things not seen elsewhere in the animal kingdom. Things such as understanding the consequence of our actions and the complexities of social interaction. However, as a downside, we can become plagued with stress-induced problems such as, ulcers, anxiety, insomnia, and other uniquely human problems. This workshop will delve into Mindfulness Meditation and how it can be an important addition to spiritual practice.

General Workshops coming soon!